WIKF EK 2020

ek cyprus

Dear WIKF Members,

I would like to thank the entire Cyprus WIKF Organising Committee for the hosting our 21st WIKF Karate Europa Cup in Paphos 2020. With special thanks to Marios Vatillotis, Marios Sakkis, Sotiris Zenonos and Photos Socratous. I hope you will all enjoy the beautiful and Historic town of Paphos.
I’ve known from past experiences what financial commitment and hard work organising these Championships involves; our beloved Sensei Suzuki would be very pleased. Though don’t forget our Referees, as without our hardworking and devoted officials these championships would not take place, please treat them with respect and good manners.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Referees, time-keepers, table officials and all other volunteers for their hard work at these Championships. I would also like to thank all participants and their families and wish you all every success at our 21st WIKF Europa Cup. Please remember that not everyone can win a medal, but its not about winning, it’s the taking part with the true WIKF spirit that’s important. We are all one special Wado Kokusai Family.
Good luck to you all!
Jon Wicks
World Chief Instructor

Europese Karate Kampioenschappen WIKF 2020

6-8 November 2020 Paphos, Cyprus

De convocatie treft u hier aan: Link:  Convocatie EK 2020 

2020: EK WADO Cyprus

2021: WK WADO Denemarken